The gingerbread person was created by a family who attend some workshops we facilitate to build and promote family relationship bond building.

The mother and daughter attended our workshops because the child was experiencing difficulty in expressing emotion. She was also having problems at school and in other social situations where she would have angry outbursts. Mum was very concerned as she wanted to help her daughter but could not find a way to enable her daughter to express her feelings.

We began to work together on establishing a non verbal means of communicating through identifying colours with emotions.

The family decided that making the gingerbread person would enable the child to show Mum how she was feeling without having to speak i.e. a happy side and a sad side.

This was then taken home. This has proved greatly successful as a means of communication and also other children in the family have begun to use this method of sharing their feelings with Mum.

Mum has noticed a marked improvement in behaviour and in class the child has received an award for her good behaviour in recognition of the fact that she has had no angry outbursts.

The child is now able to speak more freely to Mum about her feelings and does not now always need to use the gingerbread person in her communication.

Gingerbread Person